Zachary Quinto – Walking in Nimoy’s footsteps

From Spock to ‘In Search Of’
Zachary Quinto of “In Search Of” Friday on History

Q: Of the mysteries you researched on “In Search Of,” which surprised you the most?

A: Interestingly, the biggest surprise that I had was doing the episode on sinkholes. It didn’t really excite me going into it and it felt a little incongruous against the other episodes that we were doing. But then I was really interested in it and really moved by it because we spoke to a lot of people whose lives were really affected by the phenomenon of sinkholes.

And I just came to have a much greater appreciation for the Earth and the ground under our feet and the stability of that ground which we take for granted. It really threw me for an emotional loop speaking to some people who lost loved ones to sinkhole disasters and whole neighborhoods that were threatened and destroyed by sinkholes. So I went into that one just sort of a little bit ambivalent but I came out of it with a lot of growth emotionally, a lot of respect for the planet in a different way.

Q: In your conversations with Leonard Nimoy, did he ever talk about “In Search Of” with you?

A: He never really talked about it in depth. You know, I knew it was something he had done and he would refer to it, but it wasn’t anything that we talked about more than casually.

Q: Leonard once said to you “You have no idea what you’re in for” after you landed the role of Spock in the recent “Star Trek” movies. Was he right?

A: Yeah in a way, although I think his experience of “Star Trek” was quite different and in some ways more limiting for him. So I think he was right. It’s a pretty unique fan base and a unique trajectory and experience but I think like everything else it’s been diluted over the years. So I don’t think it’s as concentrated or as potent for me as it was for him.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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