‘Younger’ – Actress Shor steps behind the camera

Why directing made Miriam Shor appreciate her castmates

Miriam Shor of ‘Younger,’ which returns for its sixth season Wednesday on TV Land

Q: How did you like your first directorial job last season on “Younger”?

A: Your responsibility as an actor is to tell the story but it’s really to your character. That’s how I view it. I have a great responsibility to tell the story and be true to my character and be true to what the writers have written. And then as a director (chuckles), your responsibility is everything. It’s all of it and you’re the boss and you’re steering the ship, so yeah it was nerve-wracking but it was exhilarating.

I mean, it was a challenge that I didn’t know if I could meet, to present yourself with a challenge like that in your 40s when you’ve gotten comfortable with the things you know you can do, which is acting and just living your life. It’s great, it’s a great thing to do and I’m so grateful that Darren (Star, the series’ creator) was so open to it. I mean, immediately when I asked, he was like, “Yeah, sure.” (Laughs) And I was like, “Oh.” It was great but then I was like, “Oh s…, now I have to do it.” But it was so fantastic.

Q: Does that change the way you view your job as an actor?

A: Yeah, it changes a lot. I mean, you can sort of liken it to when you become a parent how you view the world in a way. It’s just that you (chuckles) see how everything works. I’ve always appreciated my cast and crew and writers and everybody who put so much work into this show. But you really appreciate the work they do when you’re relying on them and you’re delegating. …

I was always very appreciative and grateful but it’s sort of a different level now. And I’m such good friends with everyone on my show and I love them all but I just fell deeply in love with them directing them, you know, because they’re really good. I always knew that as a partner but it’s different when you’re asking things of them as a director and they can just really deliver. And then you watch them in your editing process and you’re just like, “G…damn they’re good.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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