‘Yellowstone’ – Kelly Reilly embraces damaged character

Like father, like daughter

Kelly Reilly of ‘Yellowstone’ Wednesday on Paramount Network

Q: Playing a damaged soul like Beth has to be a treasure trove for an actor, no?

A: Yes. Absolutely, that’s exactly what it is. It’s the possibilities of sort of her personality, her emotions and her psyche, it really is a powerful character. Everyone talks about strong female characters; what I’m interested in are real female characters, you know, flaws and all, not just these perfect role models. But I like that she has these different colors. There is this strength and power to her but also this sort of brokenness inside as well, that she’s trying to figure out. And she has deep loyalties to her father and to Rip, and so there’s a tremendous amount of dignity. So it’s these contrasting traits in her that really start to make her sing as a character.

Q: How is her relationship with her father John (played by Kevin Costner) this season?

A: She’s sort of the person who can’t stand the ranch the most but is its most loyal soldier fighting for it. And you know, it’s an interesting relationship with her father because she doesn’t let him off the hook with anything. She’s sort of says it as it is and there’s some things that she disagrees with him on in Season 2 that they have to navigate and it’s not always an easy ride for either one of them. But yeah, she’ll do whatever it takes with him. She sees him for who he is and loves him despite some of the things she feels about him and it’s a really rich relationship. I’ve never seen a father/daughter relationship quite like this in anything before and it’s great to work with Kevin, obviously, and to explore that dynamic together. There’s such tremendous love but it’s just she gets under his skin some times in that way family members can only do.

Q: They’re birds of a feather in a lot of ways.

A: Yeah, exactly. I think she’s more like him than the sons, actually. I think she shares so many similar qualities to him (that) she learned from him

George Dickie

George Dickie

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