‘Yellowstone’ – Holloway angles for the shot

Josh Holloway, fly fisherman

Josh Holloway of ‘Yellowstone’ Sunday on Paramount Network

Q: Did you happen to get any bites while filming that fly fishing scene in the season premiere?

A: No. I would have loved to have caught something on film, are you joking me? But I even had to talk to my fly-fishing friends out here, they were like, “Dude, why were you casting so much?” I was like, “Bro, they put me in the middle of fast water.” You know, because it’s really about the shot with filming, so they wanted me in proximity of the bridge where Beth (played by Kelly Reilly) could drive over in the Mercedes and I could still be in the shot. So they had me standing in the super-fast water and I’m about to fall the whole time and trying to act cool and chill but the river is surging and pushing against my legs, so I was like, “Oh lord! This is interesting.” But you make do.

Q: What’s the biggest trout you’ve ever caught?

A: I think I got a 25 and a half, almost-26 incher last year. … This was the most epic day I had. I caught a 24-inch brown; a huge, nice, big brown. And then I caught about the same size rainbow and then I caught a little bigger one called a cutbow, which is a hybrid between a cutthroat and a rainbow, and it was massive. I had to chase that down the river for, I don’t know, a half-mile in the boat.

Q: You’re primarily a fly fisherman?

A: Yes, I grew up bass fishing; you know, bass fishing, crappie, catfish. … So once I started going out West, I was like, “Well, let me try this fly fishing situation.” I think it was about the time “A River Runs Through It” came out. … And I remember I rented a U-Haul trailer and brought my Jeep and dirt bike and just drove straight up to Montana and went to a fly shop, bought my gear, got a lesson in the parking lot and went to work (laughs). So now it’s been 28 years. It’s been fun.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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