‘Wilmore’ lets its host stay humorously topical

Peacock is the current home of Comedy Central alum

Larry Wilmore of ‘Wilmore’ Friday on Peacock

Q: How do you compare what you did at Comedy Central with “The Nightly Show” to what you’re doing now at Peacock with “Wilmore”?

A: I got okay ratings. I mean, one of the reasons the show didn’t make it was because they would have liked better ratings. But yeah, it’s great to be at a place like Peacock, where you can just be free to do whatever you want.

Q: Can you still offer pure entertainment when so much content on shows such as “Wilmore” is so topical now?

A: I’ve been in television long enough to know that you (can) get canceled. Things like that happen. But it’s not that it won’t be fun now. It’s always fun. I always try to have a good time.

Look, it’s not a laugh-a-minute thing. Some things are a little weighty. The key is, it’s just me with whoever the guest is, and it’s going to be pretty simple.

Q: What sorts of things are you most interested in talking about on “Wilmore”? 

A: I have so many interests. I think politics probably interests me the most out of all of the things, because it’s just endlessly fascinating. You can talk about everything from culture to behavior to even race, and politics kind of has all of that. I think I’ve always kind of been interested in that since I was a kid.

But for me, everything from sports to magic tricks to my dog Buster … I like talking about it all. I like stories that maybe we’re not covering, or where there’s an “underdog” element to it. We talked a lot about the MeToo movement when it was just starting.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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