Will Mandy Moore be pregnant on ‘This Is Us,’ too?

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Mandy Moore

Q: Since Mandy Moore is expecting a baby, will her character Rebecca also be pregnant on “This Is Us”? — Heather Wade, via e-mail

A: That remains to be seen, since the returning-soon NBC series prides itself on keeping its surprises close to the chest. Playing as liberally as it does with the timeline of its characters, the show could deal with the situation in a number of ways — and it’s more than probable that Moore (whom we know to be very conscientious) gave executive producer Dan Fogelman and the drama’s staff a substantial head’s-up that she and fellow-musician husband Taylor Goldsmith intended to start a family. The writers already may have started delving in creatively before the rest of the world learned the couple’s news.

Of course, if it turns out Rebecca isn’t shown at a stage of pregnancy, there are all sorts of tricks series-makers long have used to deal with such situations. You suddenly might see her only from the shoulders up, or sitting at tables or carrying big bags or packages a lot more. Our hunch is that Fogelman and company will want to be more inventive than that, though, so we’ll see.

Ann Curry

Q: I enjoyed the show “Chasing the Cure” which was on TBS and TNT and was hosted by Ann Curry. I was wondering if it will be back with new cases, or even if past patients finally were able to get a diagnosis. — Kathy Harger, Greenville, Mich.

A: Though the series hadn’t been canceled as of this writing, there also has been no news regarding a Season 2. Among the factors in that may be the coronavirus pandemic  — which has had an effect on so many shows — plus management changes within WarnerMedia, the parent company of those cable networks, in recent months.

It’s hard to track what happened with many of the cases presented during the first season of the show, since access to its associated website (which would have such information) was closed off early this year while the staff began “rethinking our digital experience.” However, those inaugural patients were offered the opportunity to continue pursuing their cases with “Chasing the Cure” collaborator CrowdMed … free of charge.

Q: Watching a “NUMB3RS” marathon on Decades made me wonder, why did Rob Morrow leave “Northern Exposure” when it made him a star? — Phil Barker, Tampa, Fla.

A: As sometimes happens in such situations, a contract dispute was the matter. Though he played government investigator Richard Goodwin in the Robert Redford-directed 1994 drama “Quiz Show” while he still was on “Northern Exposure,” he wanted to make more movies while he still was obligated contractually to the CBS series, which would have caused schedule conflicts.

Ultimately, he left the show. … the irony being that he didn’t make that many more films that would have caused his “Exposure” absence, since he departed in what turned out to be the comedy-drama’s last season. (Paul Provenza succeeded him as a different character.) “Last Dance” and “Mother” were the two pictures Morrow made immediately after his series exit. He’s been back on TV quite a bit lately, with guest appearances on such shows as NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” and a recurring role as a judge on Showtime’s “Billions.” He also was in the cast of FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” playing attorney Barry Scheck.

Q: I read that “Supergirl” is ending after next season. Why did it move from CBS to The CW? — Carrie Drake, via e-mail

A: Though a superhero(ine) show was a bold attempt for CBS at the time, the ratings ultimately weren’t of a level that would have warranted it continuing there. Rather than issuing a cancellation, though, it “gave” the Melissa Benoist-starring adventure to sister network The CW to join such other DC Comics-inspired series as “The Flash” and the now-defunct “Arrow.” There, “Supergirl” has performed well enough to last into its sixth year (premiering in 2021), which will be its final one.

Q: Will “The Sound of Music” be on TV again this Christmas season? — Maureen Holloway, Attleboro, Mass.

A: We’d fully expect it, since ABC has made the Julie Andrews-starring 1966 classic a tradition of the holidays. It’s a bit early yet to pin a specific date to it, especially since that network tends to wait until closer to the season to schedule its associated repeats (also including the animated “Peanuts” specials) … but the smart money suggests that you shouldn’t worry. You’re very likely to hear “My Favorite Things” and the film’s other familiar tunes again in December.

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