‘See’ – Why Eden Epstein did all her own stunts

Actress took on action role with pleasure

Eden Epstein of ‘See’ on Apple TV+

Q: As a newbie to action, how much of your own stunts did you get to do?

A: I did all my own stunts. That was very important for Jonathan (Tropper, the series’ showrunner). He really likes to have the actors be able to do all of their action and I did all of it. I broke a finger, I hurt my head, I had bruises all over my body at the end of fight days. This job has been the most physically trying experience of my life so far and it’s extremely gratifying and rewarding but it’s hard. It’s intense.

Q: It sounds like you’ll need recovery time at the end of filming, no?

A: Yeah (laughs), that’s probably true. I’ll probably take a ballet class and decompress that way. Get a massage.

Q: How was it doing scenes with Dave Bautista?

A: Oh, it’s been such a joy. He and I were really lucky. We get along as people and he’s someone who I hope will be in my life for the rest of my life, just as a friend. And so spending time with him on set was really fun, and then he’s very funny and so soft-spoken, so humble and so talented. Really, he’s so committed to his work and really excited by acting as an art form. And it was really wonderful figuring scenes out with him and throwing ideas at each other.

And I think that the relationship that you’ll see grow over the second season is really reflective in some ways of the sort of trust and love that he and I grew for each other on a personal level in our friendship. It’s a very complex relationship that does not mirror real life in its complexity but just like the baseline trust and respect was really there, for me at least, from the get-go. So it was really a wonderful experience.

George Dickie

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