‘Flip to a Million’ – What Jason Williams learned about himself

The instincts kick in on 'Flip to a Million'

Jason Williams of ‘Flip to a Million’ Mondays on HGTV and streaming on discovery+

Q: What were the biggest challenges in the whole process for you?

A: To be honest, some of the biggest challenges were really coming here and just having to start over completely. Having to basically find a school for our daughter to go to, then finding a home to rent. Initially, that was some of the biggest challenges. And then just getting accustomed to the Dallas area, learning the market, learning the different neighborhoods. That took us some time to do.

Q: So in a situation like this where you’re in a totally alien city, does it call on your survival instincts?

A: Oh definitely. You know, we do everything real estate, so we kind of banked on us being able to learn the lay of the land and just kind of rely on our instincts and that we could figure it out along the way.

Q: What did you learn about yourselves through this process?

A: We really learned that we are very resilient and we can really do anything we put our minds to. This has been the most difficult challenge of our lives to be able to pick up and leave a business that was running successfully and had clients and actually owning a brokerage, being the managing broker for the office. And actually being able to leave there and now pick up in another new city, it was very difficult at first  but we learned that we can do anything we put our minds to.

Q: Jon and Dani Wrobel, the other couple in this experiment, said they bonded with you and EJ immediately and traded war stories. How was that for you?

A: That was great because we can actually talk with someone who was in the same experiment as us, going through the same challenges, learning how they overcame their challenges and, like you said, just sharing war stories. It was a good feeling because it let us know that we weren’t the only ones, that we weren’t in this alone.

George Dickie

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