Wall Street’s ‘Black Monday’ is played for humor by Showtime

Actress has showcase role in Showtime financial-crisis series

Regina Hall stars in “Black Monday,” premiering Sunday on Showtime.

Black Monday signifies one of the most devastating days in Wall Street history, but enough time has passed for some – or at least for Showtime — to find humor in it.

The comedically toned series “Black Monday” debuts Sunday, Jan. 20, with “House of Lies” veteran Don Cheadle returning to the cable network as another tireless wheeler-dealer … a broker involved in the 1987 event cited as the worst crash ever to rock the stock market. Ultimately, he sees it as an opportunity against the old-thinking financial establishment.

Also starring are Andrew Rannells (“Girls”) as a financial-world novice, and Regina Hall (“Girls Trip”) as “the street’s” first female head trader. With Paul Scheer, Bruce Dern and Horatio Sanz featured as well, the program counts Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg among its executive producers, along with creators David Caspe (whose wife, Casey Wilson of his show “Happy Endings,” also appears) and Jordan Cahan.

Hall’s Dawn Darcy comes out of the gate strong in “Black Monday.” Justifiably calling her “a beast,” the actress says, “What I really love is how much comedy they’ve put in that world. Usually in a show like this, the woman is the one who’s like, ’Come on, guys, get it together.’ I love that Dawn plays with the guys a little, and she’s kind of just as bad. As the show progresses, you see that she’s really one of the guys.”

Regina Hall stars in “Black Monday,” premiering Sunday on Showtime.

Though “Black Monday” is set in the late 1980s, Hall believes Dawn is just as relevant to today: “This was at a time when things were a lot less politically correct. I can’t even say that irreverence toward women was ‘tolerated,’ it just was what it was. The fact that she had to learn to navigate that world, and still be successful, makes her a pioneer … but it’s not like she has all-stars on her team.”

Still, Dawn’s work is cut out for her opposite Maurice “Mo” Monroe, played by Cheadle. Maintaining she’s “always been a huge fan” of the actor, Hall notes, “To watch him work in person, and to be able to work with him and off him, it’s been a dream. He’s so rich as an artist and gives you so much. I feel like I’ve learned a lot by watching him.”

For “Scary Movie,” “The Best Man” and “Think Like a Man” alum Hall, “Black Monday” follows a significant film year in which she earned acclaim for “The Hate U Give” and “Support the Girls.” She reflects, “It all feels kind of wonderful. There are people who won’t know me (from movie work), but I’m all right with that, because Dawn has a lot of colors. She’s pretty badass.”

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Jay Bobbin

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