‘Virgin River’ – Why Grayson Gurnsey loves working with Martin Henderson

‘Virgin River’ – Going off script in Canadian drama

Grayson Gurnsey of ‘Virgin River’ on Netflix

Q: Who is the most fun to do scenes with?

A: Oh, that’s such a hard one. One person who I always love doing scenes with is Martin Henderson. He plays Jack on the show and he is just absolutely hilarious. He’ll feel if the scene’s getting a little stagnant … he’ll throw curveballs at you just to spice it up. Like sometimes he’ll come in with a completely different attitude and perspective on the scene just to shake things up and see what you do and how you play the scene.

And that’s the kind of thing I’ve learned to love working with him. At first, I got really scared because I didn’t exactly know what I wanted from the scene or I’d be like, “Oh, I didn’t know we were going to change the scene.” And it would take me a second to get the scene going. But when we started working on it more and more, I kind of found a rhythm with him and it was a ton of fun.

Q: So you and your castmates have room for improv?

A: Oh yeah. Yeah, we have a little bit of room for improv. Like we won’t change the scene or anything; we won’t alter the actual idea of it. He’ll just kind of take pauses here and there where maybe we didn’t before. You know, nothing too crazy but just enough to keep the scene consistently interesting and different, until we find what we really, really like, and then we’ll keep on that kind of phase.

Q: That’s what keeps you stimulated.

A: Yeah, totally. It makes it really, really fun to walk on the set and just like play with the scene for like 30 minutes to an hour and then go, “Oh yeah (snaps fingers), that one felt really good. Did that look good?” – talking to the director. “Yeah, that looks great.” “Cool, let’s just do that. That’s what I think we should do.” And they’re like, “Perfect, let’s do that.” That’s exactly what I love in working with those kind of actors and especially Martin.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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