Violett Beane finds ‘God Friended Me’ has many friends

Actress deems reaction to CBS series ‘really great’

Violett Beane of ‘God Friended Me’ Sunday on CBS

Q: Were you comfortable with your character Cara’s switch from skeptic to believer, regarding the social-media account that’s supposedly run from heaven, on “God Friended Me’?

A: I think, for Cara, she can’t help but notice all of the signs that have been happening with the God account. And I think more than believing or not believing, for her, it feels so good to help people — and she gets to see that pay off. It’s not something where you donate to a charity and you hope it works out.

She actually is physically meeting these people, having conversations with them, helping them out, writing stories about it that then further help other people. So I think that’s what really draws her to the God account and to Miles (played by Brandon Micheal Hall) and to helping these people.

Q: Has “God Friended Me” had a personal impact on you?

A: I was raised Quaker, and I went to meetings every Sunday for most of my childhood. I kind of stopped going when I left the house, but since moving to New York (for the series), I actually live reasonably close to a Quaker meeting. And I’m thinking about going again, which I don’t think I ever would have paid attention to until later in my life.

Q: You have a fan base from other projects as well, including “The Flash.” What has their reaction to “God Friended Me” been?

A: Honestly, it’s been really, really great feedback. I think our show makes (the theme) available to everyone. Young, old … it doesn’t matter. A lot of my fans, which happen to be a younger crowd of people, are like, “Wow, I didn’t know about the show. This is really cool.” They’ve started watching with their families.

People are messaging me all the time and saying (things like), “My daughter is in a hospital and she watches this, and it lifts her up. And then, she talks to her friends that are in the hospital (about it).” It’s amazing, the amount of feedback that we are getting like that.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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