‘Ultimate Tag’ – Derek Watt plays the mental, not physical game

‘Derek Watt lives vicariously through ‘Ultimate Tag’ contestants

Derek Watt of ‘Ultimate Tag’ Wednesday on Fox

Q: The obstacle course on “Ultimate Tag” looks fun but for obvious reasons you and your brothers never got to try it, correct?

A: Yeah, none of us truly participated in the course. We walked around the course and … we truly didn’t partake in any of the racing or any of even a fun test trial. We didn’t do any of that, obviously, for other reasons. But the course was definitely something that we would – it looks awesome and looked like it would have been interesting. We had arguments on who would have done better on each course and stuff like that, so it was fun to watch and live vicariously through the contestants and commentate was pretty cool.

Q: Did you find yourself playing the game mentally, considering how you would attack each challenge?

A: Oh for sure. There were definitely times we watched and were like, “Oh no! Why would you do that?” or “Why did you pick that?” and then you get impressed and “Oh wow, I didn’t even think about that.” So there’s definitely both sides of it where you’re not rooting for any one particular person but if it’s getting heated and you kind of see something coming to a battle there. It’s like, “Oh, why did you do that? You coulda got away.” Things like that. So there is definitely kind of playing that, “Oh, I would have done that definitely, I think” aspect to it.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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