‘The Great Food Truck Race’ — Tyler Florence takes the wheel

Chef drives speedy vehicles in Season 15

Tyler Florence of ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ on Food Network and discovery+

Q: What were some of the highlights of shooting Season 15 of “The Great Food Truck Race” in Southern California?

A: One of my favorite stops is Glamis Dunes, which is the high desert, almost at the Mexico border, and it really just kind of feels like you’re in the Sahara someplace. It’s wild, where there’s a dune buggy culture, where people kind of go out – you know, there’s like 100,000 people out in these wild hills of this big, massive desert formation, and they just race these super-expensive dune buggies all weekend. And it felt like, OK, we’ve never done that before and I think that was one of my favorite stops. And I’m such an adventure nerd anyway, I got a chance to drive one of these super-expensive off-road vehicles out through the sands, so that was a really, really good time.

Q: On the subject of cars, you also visited the Grand Prix of Long Beach. How did you like that scene?

A: It really kind of feels like Monaco in a way, like the Formula 1 race in Monaco. Because it’s all just sort of like inner city inside Long Beach and it was just super cool. And we got a chance to ride with Team Acura and to be able to kind of just hit 115-120 miles per hour in the straightaway, which is just super cool. So I got a chance to ride with one of the drivers and it was just great to be a part of that whole thing.

And the timing was beautiful. You know, we were just kind of making our way south anyway and it just overlapped with one of the greatest racing events in the country not to mention California, so it was perfect timing. So we got there and there were huge crowds and great enthusiasm and yeah, it was fun, super fun. Very loud.

George Dickie

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