‘College Bowl’ – Trivia games big with the Manning family

Even dad Archie has game

Cooper Manning of ‘College Bowl’ Friday on NBC

Q: How much opportunity do you and your brother have for ad-libbing on “College Bowl”?

A: Truthfully, we don’t get the questions and the answers until 90 minutes before the show. So Peyton has to go in a room and make sure he’s pronouncing everything correctly, especially because he’s doing that rapid fire. So a lot of times, if he says something wrong, that can alter the interpretation of the question and therefore can alter the answer. And I am trying to go through and find a few little tidbits out of pretty high-level questions to try to find some opportunities for some light-hearted chances of making fun of myself or the contestants or Peyton.

And so he doesn’t know what’s coming but sometimes he knows to come to me, like if you ask this question, “Go ahead and ask Coop: Hey, you did a summer school in Peru, didn’t you?” And he has no idea what I’m going to say but at least he’s helping feed me.

Q: Are you guys all fans of quiz shows?

A: We have always been big trivia folks, even stems back to driving in a car with my dad. We used to play a game called “20 Questions.” A lot of times for us, it was more sports related … and we were always really interested in trivia. We loved “Jeopardy.” Even back at home, we played a lot of Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, I think we like little nuggets of information that you can trump one another.

Q: Who’s the best at it?

A: We don’t lack confidence when it comes to trivia, so everybody’s going to say they’re the best. But Peyton and I can go head to head and we’ll give Eli a distant third.

Q: Where does Archie fall?

A: Archie’s pretty good. I have to say the bulk of our sports trivia growing up was us bleeding his database. So he knows his stuff. My dad’s always been a big reader and he loves just staying current and knowing what’s going on but also likes to talk about the good old days, and so we’ve been good listeners for a long time.

George Dickie

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