Tragedy reunites ‘Girlfriends’ of a certain age in new Acorn series

‘Girlfriends’ together again

If you’re tired of shows about young, pretty people and yearn for stories about those of a certain age, a new series on the streaming service Acorn TV might scratch your itch.

“Girlfriends,” a six-part dramedy from award-winning writer Kay Mellor and British broadcaster ITV, tells the story of three friends struggling with the problems of being a modern woman past the age of 50, one that is catalyzed by the sudden death of Micky, the husband of Linda (Phyllis Logan, “Downton Abbey”), a well-kept wife who must now go it on her own after 30 years of marriage.

This brings her back together with childhood friends Sue (two-time Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson, “Tom & Viv”), a high-powered magazine editor in a long-term fling with her married business partner John (Anthony Head, “Merlin”); and Gail (Zoe Wanamaker, “Mr. Selfridge”), who copes with a divorce from the husband she still loves and an adult son (Matthew Lewis, “Ripper Street”) in trouble with the law.

As the circumstances surrounding Micky’s death are investigated, secrets surface that could threaten the newly reunited trio’s friendship.

“I don’t want to issue too many spoilers,” Logan told a recent gathering of journalists in Pasadena, Calif., “but in episode one, we don’t know what’s happened to Micky, her husband, played by the wonderful Steve Evets. And throughout the series, things chop and change. Suspicion falls in various directions and then it gets cleared up and then it falls back. So it’s not a simple answer without telling you the whole plot of the six episodes, so I’ve got to be careful about that. But, yes, there are certain things that get thrown up where suspicion may lie.”

A sort of sub-plot to the investigation storyline is Sue’s very dramatic life, which includes a lot of glamour as the boss at a bridal magazine and the discovery that business/bed partner John has been sizing up her replacement.

“I think actually what’s happened is that she’s in denial about what’s really going on in her life,” Richardson says. “And I think maybe (she) is too proud to call on (her friends) for help. So it’s actually Linda’s situation that precipitates the rebonding of the girls and then they discover what they’ve missed … she certainly discovers what she’s missed. She loses just about everything in the first episode, but then she regains two girlfriends and has a chance to boss them around for a bit before realizing that she hasn’t got all the answers.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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