Today’s Top TV Picks – Wednesday July 8

Today’s Top Picks


Tough as Nails

8 p.m. on CBS – Series Premiere

Executive producer Phil Keoghan pitched this reality competition series in a pre-pandemic world, but it reaches the air at a time when viewers are especially aware of the “essential workers” who have kept the country running during a time of widespread quarantine. The contestants are made up of working-class Americans — a deputy sheriff, a welder, a farmer, a firefighter and so forth — who are put through a series of on-the-job challenges to test their strength, endurance, life skills and mental toughness.


The Challenge

8 p.m. ET on MTV

As the competition continues, one player engages in sloppy political maneuvering, while another takes a shocking gamble to save a friend in a new episode called “Total Madness: Crash Into Me.” Ultimately, the remaining competitors are forced into a fight for survival in the elimination game Hall Brawl. T.J. Lavin is host.


Guy’s Grocery Games

9 p.m. ET on FOOD – Season Premiere

In the new “Summer Grillin’ Games Part 1,” host Guy Fieri invites eight previous winners of “Guy’s Grocery Games” to return to Flavortown Market for a summer grilling tournament. Each week, one chef will be awarded “best dish,” win $5,000 and then move on to the next week’s competition while the remaining chefs duke it out.


China: Power and Prosperity — PBS NewsHour Presents

10 p.m. ET on PBS

Foreign affairs and defense correspondent Nick Schifrin hosts this new one-hour special, which explores the future of China’s increasingly fractious relationship with the United States, which in turn will help determine the new international world order, which dominant technology will support the world’s communication infrastructure and the stability of the global economy. The relationship between the two superpowers already was seen as having an outsize effect on the world at large when a public health emergency further complicated how China and America interact.

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