Today’s Top TV Picks – Tuesday May 19

Today’s Top Picks


DC’s Stargirl

8 p.m. on CW – Series Premiere

Featuring characters that were briefly introduced during the “Crisis on Planet Earths” crossover event earlier this season, this new superhero action series is set on Earth-2, where high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) discovers a powerful cosmic staff, as well as the mind-blowing revelation that her stepfather, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), used to be the sidekick of superhero Starman (Joel McHale). Assuming the guise of Stargirl, Courtney inspires some unlikely young heroes to battle villains of the past. Anjelika Washington and Amy Smart co-star in the large ensemble cast.


The Story of Soaps

9 p.m. ET on ABC

There currently are only four network daytime dramas on TV — “General Hospital” (ABC), “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” (both CBS) and “Days of Our Lives” (NBC) — but this once-thriving genre broke new ground in serialized storytelling that propels modern “binge-worthy” dramas. That proud soap legacy is celebrated in this new two-hour special, which features archival commentary from such soap pioneers as Agnes Nixon and newer interviews with actors including Jon Hamm, Susan Lucci, Alec Baldwin, Carol Burnett and Bryan Cranston, among others.


Bargain Mansions

9 p.m. ET on HGTV

In a new episode called “Out With the Old, in With the Bold,” Tamara unleashes her imagination when confronted with an outdated 1970s Tudor home that is painfully in need of being brought tastefully up to date. As part of her makeover, she gives the kitchen a crucial upgrade and renovates two uninspired living spaces on the first floor into true statement rooms.


Tirdy Works

10 p.m. ET on TRUTV

In the new episode `What Matters Most,” Mary finds it impossible to stop thinking about Deb’s ultimatum. With those words still echoing in her mind, Mary decides it would be a good idea to at least try diversifying into other, preferably less polarizing types of products. Later, at Katie’s high school, Mary is invited to give a presentation as part of career day.

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