Today’s Top TV Picks – Tuesday July 21

Today’s Top Picks


Bryan Callen: ­Complicated Apes

9 p.m. on CW

Most recently, Bryan Callen’s fans know him mostly from his work in the sitcoms “The Goldbergs” and its spinoff “Schooled,” but he’s also a smart, provocative comic, as he proves when he takes the stage at Chicago’s historic Thalia Hall for his third televised stand-up special. This time, the topic is a front-burner issue — equality — and Callen has a few thoughts on the subject, railing against the tendency of modern humans to turn people into “nouns,” when we should think of each other as verbs.



9 p.m. ET on FOOD

With so many current foodies today seeking low-carb options, cauliflower definitely is a veggie star of the moment, and it’s at the center of a new episode called “Cauliflower Power,” which also spotlights a certain funky Mexican delicacy. Kung pao cauliflower appears in the entree round, but don’t miss the halo-halo cauliflower desserts. Host Ted Allen welcomes guests Maneet Chauhan, Esther Choi and Marc Murphy.


House Hunters

10:01 p.m. ET on HGTV

Seeking a more affordable housing alternative to what they’re finding among the exorbitant listings in the Los Angeles area, a husband finally convinces his wife to leave the City of Angels and move back to his showy midwestern home state of Minnesota in the new episode “Minnesota Dreamin’.” Unfortunately, a decidedly unwelcome surprise awaits them in Minneapolis, where the real estate market is so hot, they’re faced with having to make compromises neither of them expected.



10:03 p.m. ET on NATGEO

Dr. Michael Heithaus, a world-renowned shark expert, embarks on a mission to understand and explain the mysterious connection that seems to exist between sharks and volcanoes in this new hour-long documentary. Since they discovered the uncanny affinity sharks seem to have for such literal hotspots, scientists have been baffled to explain this phenomenon, which seems a little like a gimmick in a sci-fi flick. Dr. Heithaus, however, is determined to solve why these two destructive forces of nature seem to be bonded.

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