Today’s Top TV Picks – Thursday July 23

Today’s Top Picks


Mountain Men

9 p.m. on HISTORY

In the new episode “Bloody Knuckles,” Jake’s latest pursuit of a mountain lion takes an unwelcome turn as it leads him straight to an angry bear. Elsewhere, Tom and Jack take on what would be a lucrative commission to build an ancient atlatl, a spear-throwing tool, and Jason builds a steel trap to keep the area’s huge and persistent wild hogs in check.


Lost Resort

10 p.m. ET on TBS – Series Premiere

This decidedly unconventional new 10-episode docuseries and social experiment follows nine strangers in some form of personal crisis as they travel to an exotic wellness retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica, where they will begin a voyage of self-discovery. They’re a diverse group, including a mother-daughter pair with major trust issues and a hothead with a troubled past. Working with alternative healers, the group undergoes procedures ranging from rage rituals to vulnerability circles.


Extraordinary People: My Pregnant Husband

10 p.m. ET on TLC

This new documentary looks at two couples — Caitlin and Ari, and Precious and Myles — who are hoping to expand their families, but in this case, there’s a twist: The husbands are transgender and carrying the baby. Such an unconventional situation inevitably leads to unpredictable challenges, such as being stopped by police officers who mistake the husband’s swollen pregnancy belly as an attempt to smuggle stolen property, as well as the awkward need to explain current developments to neighbors who previously had no idea the husband was trans.


Tacoma FD

10 p.m. ET on TRUTV

In the new midseason premiere “Fire Choir,” Wolf Boykins (guest star Paul Soter) comes back to lead the fire station choir, known as the Ex-SING-guishers. Meanwhile, Eddie (Steve Lemme) mercilessly teases Granny (Marcus Henderson) for joining the choral group, only to find himself feverishly competing for a spot as the “lead whistler.” Elsewhere, Lucy (Hassie Harrison) embarks on a determined quest to find a more female-friendly uniform. Kevin Heffernan also stars.

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