Today’s Top TV Picks – Thursday July 2

Today’s Top Picks


Council of Dads

8 p.m. on NBC – Season Finale

In the Season 1 finale, “Fight or Flight,” Anthony (Clive Standen) finds Robin and Theo (Sarah Wayne Callies, Emjay Anthony) in serious danger when he gets to the storm-stricken Perry residence, and Oliver (J. August Richards) quickly lends medical assistance when Sage (Jazz Raycole) goes into early labor. Later, the kids struggle to process the stunning news about Luly (Michele Weaver) as the future of the Crab Shack is left hanging in the balance. Hilarie Burton and David Walton guest star.



9 p.m. ET on NBC

The team scrambles to stay one step ahead of Madeline and Ivy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Julee Cerda) as they get closer to the location of the hidden bunker in the new episode “Ghost Train.” They soon realize, however, that somewhere there’s a mole who is feeding Madeline information. As their adversary’s plan starts taking shape, Jane, Weller (Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton) and their colleagues may have to take some desperate measures.


Ghost Brothers

10 p.m. ET on TRAVEL

In a new special episode called “Haunted House Party,” Dave Schrader, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey look back together at some of their scariest, most insane and sometimes outrageous moments to date while working on this show. Additionally, they answer burning questions submitted by viewers to provide insider information and insights concerning what goes on behind the scenes.


Misery Index

10:30 p.m. ET on TBS

As she drives closer to our present-day in the Season 1 finale “Tiny Teeth, Fearsome Beasts,” host and YouTube educator Emily Graslie discovers some previously unnoticed truths written into the fossil record. Meanwhile, scientists who likewise are studying the past of planet Earth are finding clues pointing to what may lie ahead in the future for our world.

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