Today’s Top TV Picks – Thursday August 8

Today’s Top Picks


Chasing the Cure

9 p.m. on TBS, TNT – Series Premiere

Patients struggling with puzzling ailments try to find a cure by consulting with a panel of top physicians in this new docu-series hosted by Emmy-winning TV journalist Ann Curry, but it doesn’t stop there. Viewers watching this series at home also can interact via social media, a Facebook group and a dedicated website to submit their own cases and/or insights on their own experiences if they have gone through challenges similar to those of the featured patients.


Two Sentence Horror Stories

9 p.m. on CW – Series Premiere

Jim Parrack (“True Blood”), Nicole Kang (“Batwoman”) and Aleyse Shannon (“Charmed”) are among the stars of this new anthology series, which serves up contemporary tales of terror, inspired by the viral fan fiction phenomenon of the title: horror yarns that deliver a thrilling jolt in just two sentences. Stories, settings and characters will vary from tale to tale, but each shares common roots in universally held primal fears and social insecurities. Another episode immediately follows.


Beyond the Pole

10 p.m. ET on WE – Series Premiere

In this new, very unconventional reality series, several exotic dancers from Atlanta area clubs — some still performing, others retired — receive advice on how to put their days of stripper poles behind them from Coach Stormy Wellington, an ex-stripper who now claims to be a self-made millionaire. Now she wants to take what she has learned along the way to guide these other women to financial freedom.


No One Saw a Thing

11 p.m. ET on SUNDANCE

In the new episode “Conspiracy of Silence,” Trena, the widow of Ken Rex, comes forward offering eyewitness testimony, but investigators leave her frustrated at every turn. Meanwhile, secrets from Rex’s background and insights on some controversial relationships come to light, and a federal investigation that is brewing threatens Skidmore’s secret.

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