Today’s Top TV Picks – Saturday October 12

Today’s Top Picks


The College Admissions Scandal

8 p.m. ET on Lifetime

Loosely based on the ongoing academic scandal involving celebrity defendants Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, this 2019 drama stars Penelope Ann Miller and Mia Kirshner as a pair of wealthy mothers who share an obsessive desire to get their daughters into the best possible college. Rick Singer (Michael Shanks), a smooth-talking college admissions consultant, offers them what sounds like a foolproof plan to achieve their dream, until the FBI picks up on Singer’s ploy and both moms face a mortifying legal ordeal. A special “Beyond the Headlines: The College Admissions Scandal With Gretchen Carlson” immediately follows.


Love, Fall & Order

9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel

As autumn arrives, New York attorney Claire Hart (Erin Cahill) travels back to her Vermont hometown to help save her dad’s (Gregory Harrison) farm, which is at risk in a bitter legal battle with his neighbor. She runs into her old high school rival, Patrick Harris (Trevor Donovan), now a lawyer himself — who also happens to be representing the woman who is suing Claire’s dad. Thus, they find themselves on opposing sides of the court case, but that can’t stop an autumn romance from growing.


The Banana Splits Movie

9 p.m. ET on Syfy

If you have fond childhood memories of the late-’60s Hanna-Barbera children’s show “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour,” this 2019 TV movie’s twisted retake just might make your head explode. Things start out wholesomely enough, as young birthday boy Harley (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) joins his family to visit a taping of that vintage show. Events take a terrifying turn, however, resulting in lots of gore and a rising body count. We’re not kidding. Dani Kind, Romeo Carere, Steve Lund and Sara Canning also star.


Saturday Night Live

11:29 p.m. ET on NBC

Tonight’s show is the last new episode before Halloween, which may explain why the host of choice is actor David Harbour, currently best known for his portrayal of grumpy yet heroic chief of police Jim Hopper in the Netflix retro-thriller “Stranger Things.” That hit series seems a likely subject for a parody (if not the answer to Hopper’s ambiguous fate in the Season 3 “Stranger” finale). The night’s musical guest is Cuban-American singer-songwriter and actress Camila Cabello.

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