Today’s Top TV Picks – Saturday February 8

Today’s Top Picks


XFL Football

2 p.m. on ABC
The XFL returns as another new football league attempts to capture the attention of fans they hope remain thirsty for more football. Jim Zorn is back in one of his former NFL cities, serving as head coach of the Seattle Dragons, who visit the DC Defenders and former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones. An XFL double-header concludes when running back Elijah Hood and Los Angeles Wildcats visit the Houston Roughnecks, who are coached by June Jones.


The Neighbor in the Window

8 p.m. ET on LIFETIME – Premiere

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (“The Sopranos”) stars in this 2020 thriller as Karen, a happily married wife and mom, who looks forward to her family making a fresh start as they move to Washington for her husband’s new job. Things start promisingly, too, as Karen becomes fast friends with Lisa (Jenn Lyon), their charming new neighbor. It takes Karen a while to realize that Lisa is a twisted piece of work who frequently lies to Karen and, worse, lies about Karen to other people. Alison Wandzura and Hannah Zirke also star.


Seven Worlds, One Planet

9 p.m. ET on BBCA
The new episode “Asia” follows filmmakers to the largest of all continents, starting with the frozen north, where walruses congregate in vast numbers. A volcanic region finds bears gathering inside craters, while monkeys that resemble yetis fight for dominance in some of China’s remote forests. Finally, in the tropical regions far to the south, the last few existing Sumatran rhinos roam, and what is arguably the world’s most bizarre predator lurks in Iran.


Matching Hearts

9 p.m. ET on HALLMARK - Premiere
Julia Palmer (Taylor Cole), a professional matchmaker in Portland, Ore., persuades reluctant town newcomer Daniel (Ryan Paevey) -- who already has acquired the nickname "Mr. Stay Single" -- to sign up for her services. As she works with him to find a match, however, Julia starts to realize Daniel really is someone special, setting up an inner tug-of-war between her personal feelings and her professional ambitions. When he shows up to a Valentine's Day party with a matched date in tow, Julia must make a decision in this 2020 romance.

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