Today’s Top TV Picks – Monday September 9

Today’s Top Picks


Judge Jerry

in syndication (check you local listings)

Among the new entries in this fall’s syndication market, probably none has a more recognizable presence in daytime TV than Jerry Springer, via his long-running in-your-face talk-fest “The Jerry Springer Show.” Skeptical viewers who think this new show’s courtroom setting is merely a stunt are mistaken: Springer actually holds a law degree from Northwestern University and worked at two legal firms early in his career before transitioning into politics, then television.


The Kelly Clarkson Show

in syndication (check you local listings)

It’s probably a no-brainer, but expect music to play a big part in the proceedings as the three-time Grammy winner and former “American Idol” champion makes her first venture into the daytime talk show arena. Viewers also can look forward to guests with feel-good stories to share, as well as various games and surprises to keep things lively. The star admits she wasn’t looking to do a show like this, but producers came knocking once they saw what a warm and bubbly presence she was (and still is) on “The Voice.”


Tamron Hall

in syndication (check you local listings)

For her re-entry into daytime television, former “Today” co-host Tamron Hall understandably wants to put her own stamp on her new weekday talk show, but she’s happy if viewers are reminded of classic chat-fests once hosted by veterans Oprah Winfrey, Mike Douglas and Phil Donahue. Don’t expect “Tamron Hall” to be celebrity-driven, but rather a topical human-interest forum that explores issues as such prison reform, victims’ rights and crime, interacting with her studio audience.


Grand Hotel

10:01 p.m. ET on ABC – Season Finale

No soap opera worthy of the genre would think of wrapping up a season without an explosive finale, and that’s exactly what’s promised by “A Perfect Storm,” in which a whole bunch of long-held secrets come spilling out. Danny’s (Lincoln Younes) true identity becomes known to his hotel colleagues, but Santiago (Demian Bichir) is distracted by some life-changing news he gets from Mrs. P (Wendy Raquel Robinson). As for the biggest mystery of the season, Sky’s fate finally is revealed.

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