Today’s Top TV Picks – Monday June 29

Today’s Top Picks


The Titan Games

8 p.m. on NBC

In the new “West Region 3: The Circus Comes to Town,” as Western division rivals continue head-to-head challenges designed by host Dwayne Johnson, Robbie Rodriguez faces off against Wayne Skivington for the men, while Lindsey Hamm takes on Jamarra Garrett for the women. Obstacles includes Nuts & Bolts, Chain Linked, Lunar Impact and Kick Out. Cari Champion and Alex Mendez provide commentary.


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

8 p.m. ET on TCM

Special-effects master Ray Harryhausen lent his talents to this 1958 adventure he also co-wrote and associate produced. Kerwin Mathews stars as Sinbad, the womanizing sailor destined to find adventure wherever he goes. This time, he’s off to an island of monsters to find a necessary ingredient for a potion concocted to save a shrunken princess (Kathryn Grant). Richard Eyer and Torin Thatcher co-star. The film kicks off tonight’s 100th-birthday tribute to Harryhausen.


The Wall

9 p.m. ET on NBC

The featured players in tonight’s new episode are Karen and Lori, whose good works include starting a charity aimed at helping kids who were being forced to skip school during the harsh Michigan winter months. The sisters came up with a practical remedy to seasonal problems by putting hand dryers for students’ wet gloves in every classroom. Chris Hardwick is the host.


Buried Worlds With Don Wildman

9 p.m. ET on TRAVEL

A new episode called “The Nazis’ Supernatural Weapons” takes host Don Wildman to Poland and Germany, where he is given access to a mysterious Nazi diary. The book contains ominous clues that eventually lead Wildman to a cave that was used to hide treasures, as well as a crypt where Nazis once held occult rituals. As part of his investigation, Wildman takes part in a witches’ ritual to see how Adolf Hitler attempted to use black magic to conquer the world.

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