Today’s Top TV Picks – Monday July 27

Today’s Top Picks


The Titan Games

8 p.m. on NBC

As the pitched competition continues in the new episode “East Region 3: DJ’s Last Call,” Josh Porter goes up against Blake Broadhurst for the men, while Shantal Athill takes on Courtney Roselle for the women. They compete on such formidable obstacles as Launch Pad, Over the Edge, Nuts and Bolts, and Lunar Impact, with the winners moving on to face reigning Titans on Mt. Olympus. Cari Champion and Alex Mendez provide commentary.



10 p.m. ET on PBS

“Advocate,” a new documentary from filmmakers Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaiche, profiles Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel, whose decades-long defense of Palestinians accused of resisting the occupation via both violent and non-violent means has earned her the moniker “the devil’s advocate.” Tsemel, who really pushes the envelope when it comes to the customary practices of a human rights defender, is shown as she undertakes two highly contentious court cases in her tireless quest for justice.


Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle

10:03 p.m. ET on NATGEO

The 500,000 square miles that make up the Bermuda Triangle probably are most famous for their reputation as ground zero for uncanny phenomena like disappearing aircraft and ships, malfunctioning compasses and even legends that the lost continent of Atlantis may sleep somewhere beneath these waters. For marine biologist Dr. Austin Gallagher, however, the most fascinating revelations may rest among this region’s sharks. Gallagher has spent much of his life pursuing the holy grail of shark research: finding the top-secret breeding ground of tiger sharks.


Into the Unknown

11 p.m. ET on TRAVEL – Series Premiere

Adventurer, survivalist and military veteran Cliff Simon has been fascinated by the supernatural all his life, which makes him the perfect host for this new series, which takes him on quests into the paranormal. The series premiere, “The Rougarou,” takes Simon deep into the Louisiana bayou, reputedly the home of the titular swamp monster that, according to legend, is a fearsome werewolf-like beast that feasts on human flesh. His journey leads him across the sprawling Atchafalaya Basin to a First Nations chief with a chilling story to share.

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