Today’s Top TV Picks – Friday July 3

Today’s Top Picks


Jumanji: The Next Level

8 p.m. on STARZ – Premiere

In director and co-writer Jake Kasdan’s 2019 follow-up to 2017’s “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan return to their roles as the virtual avatars of some teenage friends who get trapped in the Jumanji game. They must save the land from a new villain (Rory McCann), along with other new challenges, in order to escape. New cast members Awkwafina, Danny Glover and Danny DeVito co-star, along with the returning Nick Jonas.


Saving Private Ryan

8 p.m. ET on TNT

Steven Spielberg won the best director Oscar for this 1998 World War II drama, whose opening portrayal of the Normandy invasion is one of the most powerful war sequences in movie history. Tom Hanks stars as the captain in charge of a platoon assigned to go behind enemy lines and retrieve a private (Matt Damon) whose three brothers have all been killed. Edward Burns and Tom Sizemore also star, with Jeremy Davies very affecting as the platoon’s interpreter.


Dino Hunters

9:03 p.m. ET on DISCOVERY

In a new episode, Clayton Phipps and his team get ready to flip a 10-ton carnivore fossil out of the ground and onto a flatbed vehicle to transport it to the lab for further analysis. Elsewhere, Mike Harris hunts for the skull of a duckbill, and Jared Hudson uncovers the remains of an ancient reptile.



10:30 p.m. ET on FX

The highest-grossing “R”-rated film of all time at the worldwide box office, this gleefully raunchy 2016 Marvel Comics adaptation finds Ryan Reynolds fully in his element as former mercenary Wade Wilson, who adopts the alter ego Deadpool and embarks on a quest to hunt down the man (Ed Skrein) who nearly destroyed his life. Morena Baccarin co-stars as Wade’s girlfriend, Vanessa, and T.J. Miller plays his best friend, Weasel. Gina Carano also is featured.

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