Today’s Top TV Picks – Friday August 9

Today’s Top Picks


Ready Player One

7:35 p.m. on CINEMAX – Premiere

Ernest Cline co-adapted his own best-selling 2011 sci-fi novel for Steven Spielberg’s 2018 adventure, which uses a combination of live-action and animation to conjure the dystopian near future of 2045. There, much of humanity retreats into OASIS, a virtual-reality software program, to escape their bleak surroundings. Wade (Tye Sheridan) discovers clues to a hidden game in the program that will deliver a life-changing reward to the winner. Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance star.


WE Day

8 p.m. on ABC

At a time when the American political landscape strikes many as irrevocably polarized and even toxic, this annual special pauses to salute young people and their families who are determined to pull together and become an unstoppable force for good. Host Neil Patrick Harris welcomes some of those remarkable change-makers, along with chart-topping musical performers and celebrity guests including Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”), Chance the Rapper, Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Pentatonix, Meghan Trainor, Bill Nye and Lilly Singh.



10 p.m. ET on CINEMAX – Season Finale

Before she goes into what promises to be a fateful meeting with Bestic (Greg Bryk), Jett (Carla Gugino) sets into motion a dangerous plan that, if successful, will make her free of him for good in the Season 1 finale, “Miljan Bestic.” During the course of their encounter, Bestic reveals what started his bitter feud with Charlie Baudelaire (Giancarlo Esposito). At a crucial moment, Jett realizes she’s in danger of losing the very thing she holds most dear.



10 p.m. ET on STARZ – Season Finale

In the season finale, Caden (Billy Howle) leaves the rehabilitation center after grueling weeks of work, returning to London and an uncertain future both personally and professionally. Meanwhile, his mother, Kathryn (Helen McCrory), ponders the offer that Max (Richard Gere) has made to her. The proposal definitely is a tempting one, but she worries about how Caden will react to the news, not to mention whether she can even trust Max to keep his word.

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