Today’s Top 5 TV Picks – Wednesday January 9

Today’s Top 5 Picks



8:31 p.m. ET on ABC – Series Premiere

Set at William Penn Academy in the 1990s, this spinoff of “The Goldbergs” revolves around members of the school staff including such familiar faces as Principal Glascott (Tim Meadows), Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen) and Barry Goldberg’s old flame Lainey Lewis (AJ Michalka), the new music teacher. Brett Dier co-stars as Charlie Brown, aka “CB,” a gung-ho super-teacher who is both a friend and professional rival to Lainey.



9 p.m. ET on HIST

Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) finds himself abruptly stripped of his power following an unexpected turn of events among the settlers in a new episode called “The Most Terrible Thing.” Elsewhere, King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) confronts his mother, Judith (Jennie Jacques), and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) must negotiate with Harald (Peter Franzen). Another Viking force threatens Wessex, which seems to be lacking a Saxon savior this time.


The Dictator’s ­Playbook

10 p.m. ET on PBS – Series Premiere

This new documentary series examines totalitarian regimes through history by profiling the lives of various dictators and how they rose to seize absolute power over their country and people. The premiere focuses on Kim Il-sung, the first Supreme Leader of North Korea, whose iron-fisted control subsequently was passed down to his eldest son, Kim Jong-il, and then one of his grandsons, current leader Kim Jong-un.


You’re the Worst

10 p.m. ET on FXX – Season Premiere

Season 4 of this edgy anti-rom-com mainly focused on how Jimmy and Gretchen (Chris Geere, Aya Cash) gradually found their way back together after he behaved badly even for him by proposing to Gretchen, then freaking out and splitting. They finally got past most of that hurt and, at the moment, are in it for the long haul, or so they think. As the fifth and final season opens with “The Intransigence of Love,” the couple recount their relationship saga to date to a prospective wedding planner.


Jon Glaser Loves Gear

10:30 p.m. ET on TRUTV

Gear-aholic Jon Glaser returns for his sophomore season, in which his unbridled passion for gear continues to threaten the success of his TV show, as well as his friendships and relationships in general. Christine Taylor (“Search Party”) is among the season’s guest stars; Steve Cirbus, John Hodgman, Eva Solveig and Miriam Tolan also star.

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