Today’s Top 5 TV Picks – Thursday June 27

Today’s Top 5 Picks



8 p.m. ET on FREEFORM

Ben and Maddie (Alex Roe, Fola Evans-Akingbola) confront a thorny moral dilemma as they try to balance the demands of their relationship with Ryn (Eline Powell) and the reality that the only way to improve Elaine’s (Sarah-Jane Redmond) health is to continue the procedures on their mermaid friend in the new episode “Mixed Signals.” Meanwhile, after a member of the group falls under its spell, the humans re-focus on understanding how the siren-song really works. Another new episode follows.


In the Dark

9 p.m. ET on CW

This offbeat drama about a prickly young blind woman trying to solve the murder of a close friend has flown under the radar for many viewers during Season 1, but network executives have picked up the series for a second season. For now, the show wraps up with a finale called “It’s Always Been You,” in which things take an interesting turn between Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) and Dean (Rich Sommer). Brooke Markham, Derek Webster and Kathleen York also star.


Life in Pieces

9:01 p.m. ET on CBS – Series Finale

The family sitcom closes out its run after four seasons with two final back-to-back episodes. In the first, “Cabana Hero Action Son,” Greg (Colin Hanks) tries to steal Matt’s (Thomas Sadoski) thunder during a family trip to the Bahamas. Then, in the finale “Reverse Burden District Germany,” Joan (Dianne Wiest) is fed up with being the go-to babysitter for her grandkids, while Heather and Tim (Betsy Brandt, Dan Bakkedahl) ponder having another child themselves. James Brolin also stars.


Unspouse My House

9:30 p.m. ET on HGTV

In the new episode “Bright New Future,” Orlando Soria’s latest client is a mother of four with a lot on her plate. As if her own children aren’t enough to keep her busy, she runs a daycare in her Los Angeles home. On top of everything else, she’s trying to get over a recent heartbreak by making over her kitchen, laundry room and master suite. Orlando rolls up his sleeves to ensure she gets the reward she deserves.



10:03 p.m. ET on HISTORY

Painfully aware that wildlife in the region soon will start to disappear for the brutal winter months, the survivalists put a heightened priority on hunting while quarry is available in the new episode “The Moose.” One participant sustains a nasty puncture wound as a result, but another finally gets an opportunity to score a place in this show’s history by taking down some big game.

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