Today’s Top 5 TV Picks – Saturday May 25

Today’s Top 5 Picks



8 p.m. ET on HBO – Premiere

This 2018 follow-up to John Carpenter’s brilliant 1978 original of the same title made a killing at the box-office by doing a couple of very smart things: throwing out all those wildly uneven “Halloween” sequels and hiring Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her starring role as erstwhile babysitter Laurie Strode, who prepares to face her murderous brother, Michael Myers, 40 years after she was the sole survivor in his 1978 killing spree. David Gordon Green directed and co-wrote (with Danny McBride) the screenplay; Judy Greer and Will Patton co-star.


The Son

9 p.m. ET on AMC

The sprawling family saga continues with the new episode “Hot Oil,” which opens in 1852, as Young Eli (Jacob Lofland) is forced to hide a deadly secret. Later, as the action shifts forward to 1916, the return of Maria (Paola Nunez) leads to devastating consequences for the McCullough family’s oil business. Pierce Brosnan, Henry Garrett and Sydney Lucas also star.



9 p.m. ET on CBS – Season Finale

After Cynthia (Karen LeBlanc) and her kid brother Tyler (guest star Emmanuel Kabongo) are kidnapped by a shady character to whom Tyler owes a substantial debt, Eric (Luke Roberts) and his colleagues on the Crisis Resolution team are forced to throw out the usual rulebook and do whatever it takes to find the missing siblings in the Season 3 finale, “Story for Another Day.” Brandon Jay McLaren and Nazneen Contractor also star.


From Friend to Fiancé

9 p.m. ET on HALLMARK – Premiere

Jess Parks (Jocelyn Hudon) has been lifelong best friends with Ted (Ryan Paevey), so when he announces his engagement and asks her to be his “best woman,” she happily accepts — until she discovers the bride-to-be is former high school mean girl Kimberly Kennwood (Kelly Kruger), Jess’s teenage rival. Worse, as she and Ted work on planning the nuptials, she starts to realize her Mr. Right has been right under her nose all along.


Operation Finale

10:30 p.m. ET on EPIX – Premiere

Chris Weitz (“About a Boy”) directed this 2018 historical drama starring Oscar Isaac (who also was a producer on this film) as Mossad agent Peter Malkin, one of several individuals involved in efforts by Israeli intelligence to capture former SS officer Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley) and turn him over to stand trial for his war crimes. Nick Kroll, Haley Lu Richardson, Peter Strauss and Greta Scacchi also are featured.

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