Today’s Top 5 TV Picks – Saturday January 19

Today’s Top 5 Picks


Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice

7 p.m. ET on OXYGEN – Series Premiere

This new series follows retired New York Police Detective Kevin Gannon and his veteran team of investigators as they continue their post-active career exploration into a years-long string of “accidental” drownings that they suspect may have been murders. Since 1997, hundreds of college-age men have drowned under mysterious circumstances after a night out drinking with friends. The victims all were athletic as well as academic success stories and their bodies turned up in clusters around the country, many of them near a smiley-face graffiti mark.



7:20 p.m. ET on HBO – Premiere

Charlize Theron snagged a Golden Globe nomination as best actress in a comedy or musical for her performance in Jason Reitman’s 2018 dramedy, which got some glowing critical notices but died at the box office. Diablo Cody’s moving and funny screenplay charts the relationship that blossoms between Marlo (Theron), the mother of a developmentally disabled son, and Tully (Mackenzie Davis, “Halt and Catch Fire”), a night nanny hired to help her. Mark Duplass and Ron Livingston also star.


Escaping the ­Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story

8 p.m. ET on LIFE – Premiere

Inspired by a true story, this new TV drama stars Christina Ricci as pioneering investigative reporter Nellie Bly, who feigns mental illness to be admitted as a patient at the notorious Women’s Lunatic Asylum, where she hopes to gather research for an expose on the facility. In this fictionalized account of actual events, Nellie’s treatment there leaves her with no recollection of how she came to the asylum or, indeed, even her real identity. Judith Light co-stars as sadistic Matron Grady, while Josh Bowman plays a sympathetic doctor.


Sicario: Day of the Soldado

8 p.m. ET on STARZ – Premiere

Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Donovan reprise their roles from the critically acclaimed 2015 action film “Sicario” in this 2018 sequel, which revolves around a CIA mission to tamp down drug-related violence on the U.S. and Mexico border by escalating tensions among the cartels. Catherine Keener, Matthew Modine and Shea Whigham also star in the film, which is dedicated to the memory of Johann Johannsson, who composed the Oscar-nominated score for the original “Sicario”‘ and died in early 2018.



9 p.m. ET on HBO – Premiere

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this new docudrama, which takes viewers behind the scenes during the events leading up to the summer 2016 referendum that resulted in a decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The “Sherlock” star plays Dominic Cummings, who spearheaded the Vote Leave establishment, so successful that it sent political shockwaves around the world. Among the many other characters, Rory Kinnear portrays Craig Oliver, director of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron and head of the Remain campaign. John Heffernan and Liz White also star.

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