Toby Stephens on the original ‘Lost in Space’: ‘So much of its time’

Stephens in the swim of things on ‘Lost in Space’

Toby Stephens of ‘Lost in Space’ on Netflix

Q: In the Season 2 opener, you found yourself back in the water doing scenes. How did those go?

A: Yeah, although this time I’m in a space suit, which is a different vibe from “Black Sails,” but it was a really fun opening. A lot of it was filmed in Iceland as well, which was great getting to go there and (to) these incredible landscapes that they’ve got there, especially these black sand beaches that they have there. They just look totally alien.

And then also we did a whole bunch of filming in Alberta as well. There’s this dry planet we go to that’s like a kind of desert, and we went to this kind of place in Alberta near Calgary where it was freezing cold as well (laughs) … and it rained a lot, and it was supposed to be this dry planet. And you’d never know, but just filming it we were going, “I don’t know how this is going to work.” (Laughs) But it does, tt looks epic. … Amazing. The magic of movies.

Q: You’ve met several members of the cast of the original “Lost in Space.” Did they have any words of advice?

A: I think they were just thrilled that it was being revived. I think they were really happy that it was getting a second airing, and they were incredibly supportive about the direction it was going in and everything, because it’s different times.

Q: And the special effects are so much more sophisticated.

A: Yeah, and also, the original was so much of its time. I mean, you couldn’t get away with that kind of thing now. … There was a sort of a slightly camp element to it, and also there was this whole kind of thing where Maureen is always in the kitchen sort of making sandwiches and things like that, which I don’t think you can get away … now.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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