‘The Wine Show’ explores Portugal in Season 3

'The Wine Show' - Respect the wine, respect the winemaker

James Purefoy and Dominic West

James Purefoy wants you to have some respect – at least it comes to wine.

Indeed, the British actor and co-host of “The Wine Show,” which returns for its third season Thursday, July 29, on Sundance Now, Acorn TV and AMC+, feels that the drinking public doesn’t pay enough attention to the craftsmanship behind wine and that too often it winds up down the hatch without much consideration.

“There’s a tendency, I think, people when they get a glass of wine, they sip it, they don’t really concentrate on that first moment,” he explains. “I think it’s good to pay a little bit of respect to the wine in the glass. Think about it, smell it, think about it, I mean – and then chug it after that. But at least give the wine growers some element of respect that it is actually touching your mouth somewhere rather than just the back of your throat and into your stomach.”

The new season brings Purefoy to Portugal, where he and co-host Matthew Goode travel the country and discover some of its best wines while sommelier Charlotte Wilde goes to the Azores to learn who really invented sparkling wine and champagne. Meanwhile, co-hosts Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini do lunch at different restaurants around New York City and pair wines with the different international cuisines. And the series introduces a new co-host in Dominic West (“The Affair”), a wine enthusiast who brings his considerable knowledge to bear at the locations and the tastings.

“He knows his wine, Dominic, no doubt about that,” Purefoy says, “and he’s very knowledgeable and he understands it and he’s got a good poetic nature so he can talk well about wines. And no, he’s very good. No, I think I am the least experienced in terms of wine of any of us. … Matthew Goode and Dominic – they know their wines very well out of the actors.”

But while Purefoy may call himself a relative newbie out of the show’s cast, he did have a powerful reaction to a wine he tried in the Alentejo region of Southern Portugal.

“There was one wine that we had that made me cry it was so good …,” he says. “Somebody brought us a bottle of a Portuguese wine called Ceis. And I don’t know whether it was the heat, the tiredness, the exhaustion – I was just overcome when I drank this wine. Or it could just have been an exceptionally good glass of wine.

“So when I tasted it, my eyes started watering,” he continues with a laugh, “and of course, Matthew Goode just sort of said, ‘Are you actually crying? That wine has made you cry?’ But it seemed to be so perfect for that moment … and it just seemed life was pretty damn good at that exact moment.”

George Dickie

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