‘The Walking Dead’ alum Tom Payne goes dark again in ‘Prodigal Son’

New Fox melodrama casts actor as a serial
killer’s offspring

Tom Payne of ‘Prodigal Son’ Monday on Fox

Q: What research have you done to play a criminal profiler with a serial-killer father in “Prodigal Son”?

A: There’s a wealth of material out there, fictional and true-to-life, to draw from. There are a few podcasts out there of people who are in the same position as me in the show. There’s one in particular called “Happy Face,” about the daughter of a serial killer, and it follows her and her journey to talk to people who were affected by her father — directly and indirectly — and (about) her relationship with her father, and the fears that she has and the intense pain that having a father who’s a serial killer caused.

It’s really hard to listen to, and it made me cry many times, because there’s a lot of pain and hurt there. The character in the show is in pretty much the same position and has a lot of walls up, but is intent on trying to understand his father and the similarities that may or may not exist between them.

Q: Having also been on “The Walking Dead” for several years, do you find that you bring your roles home with you?

A: That was like there were zombies everywhere when I got home. I actually did have zombie dreams after a few weeks on that. I’m super-scared I’m going to get serial-killer dreams on this.

I think you have to play a bit of a balancing act with how involved you get in the material you’re dealing with, but you can’t help it. I’ve been working all day every day on this show; I wake up in the morning, get in the car, go to work, work all day and come home, so it’s physically and mentally exhausting. I think my brain’s too tired to hold any more of that kind of stuff in it anyway.

Jay Bobbin

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