‘The Victim’ – Macdonald felt challenged by dark role

Macdonald plays it dark in ‘The Victim’

Kelly Macdonald of ‘The Victim’ on Britbox

Q: Playing a grieving mother trying to ruin the life of her child’s presumed killer had to be a dark head space to be in. How was it getting into that?

A: The process isn’t much different to doing anything else, drama-wise or comedy-wise. I didn’t have to work harder or anything. I don’t know how to explain it. The preparation is the same as I always do and whatever is happening in scenes, fun or intensely grim, the same effort is required and you can be drained at the end of the day but not every day was entirely draining.

Q: You filmed in Glasgow, which is also where you live, which had to be very convenient.

A: Yeah, it was nice. The big thing is it means on my days off I’m not traveling back home to see my family. You know, on my days off, they felt like days off. I could just sort of relax and learn my lines for the week.

Q: You didn’t have to do an accent for this. You’re known for doing accents, so which is the most difficult to do?

A: One that I’ve never done before (laughs). I don’t know. They’re all a bit of work. You know, you put the hours in. … It’s about tongue placement, mostly.

Q: Other actors have said that going through a character’s struggle as an actor has made them stronger as a person. Did you feel that way with Anna?

A: No. I didn’t. I feel like with every job, it’s an experience that sort of makes me a better actress. This job certainly stretched me in ways. … Like going to the gym.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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