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Eric Stonestreet in “Modern Family”

Q: Have any of the stars of “Modern Family” won an Emmy for the show? – John Bender, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

A: The ABC comedy has had several repeat Emmy winners in its ensemble cast. Eric Stonestreet was the first, picking up the honor for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series (as Cameron) in 2010. The following year, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell both earned Emmys for their roles as spouses Claire and Phil.

In 2012, Bowen and Stonestreet were both Emmy winners again – and in 2014, it became Burrell’s turn once more. In fact, Burrell has been Emmy-nominated for every one of the show’s past seasons.

Q: What happened to “Ten Days in the Valley”? – Tracy Evans, via e-mail

A: The serialized Kyra Sedgwick-starring ABC mystery series performed below the network’s ratings hopes in its Sunday slot, so it was pulled from that night after four airings. It will get to finish its season, though, and viewers presumably will get resolution to the plot about the kidnapping of a television producer’s (Sedgwick) young daughter.

“Ten Days’’ will be brought back on Saturdays. As of this writing, the plan is for two episodes to air on Dec. 16, with one chapter to be shown each of the following two weeks, then another two-hour telecast that will wrap up the story on Jan. 6. Also an executive producer of the drama, Sedgwick – doing her first series starring role since her Emmy-winning work on “The Closer” – announced the move (via Twitter) before ABC did, having been vocal about her belief that the network hadn’t promoted the show sufficiently.

Kyra Sedgwick in “Ten Days in the Valley”

Q: Watching “Blue Bloods,” I see that Danny Reagan’s wife was written out of the show. At first, I thought she died when the family’s house caught fire. How did the show explain her death? – Ken Fabian, Roselle, Ill.

A: Though this was addressed in a recent column, many questions about it continue to come in. Actually, Linda Reagan – as then still played by Amy Carlson – was shown standing outside the burning house in the Season 7 finale of the CBS series, so she did survive that. That was one factor in the major surprise of the reveal in the Season 8 premiere that she had died.

It then was explained that Linda had perished in a helicopter crash while on a medical mission in her job as a nurse. That development resulted from Carlson’s decision to leave the show at the end of her original seven-year contract. After the season premiere aired, the actress issued an “open letter” thanking the network, her “Blue Bloods” colleagues and fans of the series.

Q: Why must we wait for next summer for “The Last Ship” to continue? I love the show, but the wait kills me. – Pat Stuckey, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

A: As has been explained here numerous times, the season for a cable series generally is shorter than that of a broadcast-network show … though even those networks are using that approach a bit more now, as with such recent examples as NBC’s “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” and ABC’s aforementioned “Ten Days in the Valley.”

“The Last Ship’s” fourth-season order was for 10 episodes, and all of those ran on TNT, starting in August and ending in October – and it might have seemed an even shorter run since two episodes were shown on the season-premiere and season-finale nights. Get ready for a similar situation with next year’s Season 5, since that also is a 10-episode order.

Q: Is Daphne Oz no longer on “The Chew”? – Ashley Barnes, via e-mail

A: Over the past summer, Oz – the daughter of fellow daytime television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz – announced that she wouldn’t be returning as a co-host for Season 7 of the weekday ABC program. She and her investment-fund-analyst husband are now the parents of two children, with a third due this winter, and her statement suggested that her increasing responsibilities on that front factored strongly into her decision to leave the show.

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