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Kristin Kreuk in “Burden of Truth”
Kristin Kreuk in “Burden of Truth” on The CW.

Q: I’ve read that Kristin Kreuk’s new series “Burden of Truth” already is filming its second season. Does that mean it already has been renewed? – Lexi Michaels, via e-mail

A: In Canada, yes. That country’s CBC is the originating network for the drama, and it had aired most of its first season there when The CW made the deal to televise it as a summer series in America. Of course, that U.S. outlet has a long history with her, thanks to “Smallville” and “Beauty and the Beast” … so it’s sure to take a good look at how the show’s first round fares in making a decision about the second. CW chief Mark Pedowitz recently told us that determination is likely to come “soon.”

Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck in “Jesse Stone”

Q: I am a huge fan of the “Jesse Stone” series shown on Hallmark Channel. However, the episodes now being shown are repeats. Can you tell me if any new ones are planned? – Sal Morabito, Albrightsville, Pa.

A: Most of the Tom Selleck-starring mystery movies about the Robert B. Parker-created lawman were made originally for CBS, where they aired pretty much one (but sometimes two) per year before Hallmark picked them up for reruns. They continued to perform strongly there, often in all-day marathons, inspiring Hallmark to commission its own original “Jesse Stone” movie – the ninth and the last to date, shown in 2015.

Reportedly, a tenth is in the works. However, since Selleck also is a writer and executive producer of the dramas, they’re time-consuming for him … especially since he still has that day job known as “Blue Bloods,” which is about to enter its ninth season on CBS. With so much invested in the character’s history, he has said he doesn’t want to rush the “Jesse Stone” creative process just to collect a check, so when the next new film will be seen really depends on his timetable.

Q: When Turner Classic Movies runs films starring James Dean, “Giant,” “Rebel Without a Cause” and “East of Eden” usually are the ones shown. Did he make any others? – Jane Whitman, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: He did, but those are the three that gave him leading roles – and that cemented his iconic status before and beyond his untimely car-accident death on a date that has infamy because of that tragedy, Sept. 30, 1955. “Rebel Without a Cause” would be released a month after the actor’s passing, with “Giant” following a year later.

All of Dean’s film roles prior to that trio of pictures were small enough to have him listed as “Uncredited” in recaps of those earlier movies’ credits. They include “Fixed Bayonets!,” the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis vehicle “Sailor Beware,” Humphrey Bogart’s “Deadline – USA,” “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” and the John Wayne-starring “Trouble Along the Way.”

Q: Will “The Brave” be back next season? – Jim Leslie, Norman, Okla.

A: No. The NBC series arrived at the same time as several other military dramas, and of them, only CBS’ “SEAL Team” survived. The CW’s “Valor” also was one-season-and-done, and the expansion of the genre also took a toll on History’s “SIX,” which had a promising start but dropped significantly in its Season 2 ratings (and was canceled).

In case Anne Heche was a major factor in your watching “The Brave,” you’ll be glad to know that she’s staying with NBC in a different capacity for the new season. She’s joining “Chicago P.D.” in a recurring role as a politically minded deputy superintendent … and we can just see that character colliding with Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) already.

Q: I’m seeing ads for the new show “Single Parents,” and it looks like Brad Garrett is in them. Is he in the series? – Gail Hart, via e-mail

A: He is. The ensemble cast of the new ABC comedy (slated to premiere Sept. 26) includes Garrett, who’s hard to miss … and if you think he looks tall on television, encountering him in person (which we have, a number of times) is something else. Also seen lately on “I’m Dying Up Here” and as a guest in episodes of “Bull” and “This Is Us,” Garrett currently can be heard as the voice of Winnie the Pooh’s pal Eeyore in the Disney theatrical film “Christopher Robin.”

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