‘The Ten Commandments’ features an extremely young Fraser Heston

Charlton Heston’s son appears in movie classic on ABC

Fraser Heston of ‘The Ten Commandments’ Saturday on ABC

Q: Since you played Baby Moses in “The Ten Commandments,” the infant incarnation of your father Charlton Heston’s character in the film, do you have any memories of being on the set of the 1956 screen epic?

A: It’s sort of a part of my DNA. I was only three months old when I was cast by (director) Cecil B. DeMille. In fact, my mother got a telegram from him the day I was born, saying, “Congratulations, he’s got the part.” I guess the deal was that if I was a boy, I’d get the job. It’s definitely a part of our family history, and my history, obviously .. and if I live long enough, I will be the last actor alive to have ever worked for Cecil B. DeMille.

Q: What’s your first memory of having seen “The Ten Commandments”?

A: I think I was probably three or four when they first showed it to me, and it was kind of scary. I mean, you’ve got plagues and the burning bush and slavery and mud pits, not to mention the parting of the Red Sea. With anybody who sees the movie at a young age, it affects your understanding of the stories in the Bible that no amount of reading can ever bring home to you in the same way.

Q: Besides its annual telecasts by ABC during the Easter season, do you like that Paramount Home Entertainment keeps reissuing “The Ten Commandments,” including the newest Blu-ray edition that also includes DeMille’s 1923 version?

A: It’s great that a whole new generation that may not have seen it on the big screen, or even on DVD, can now see it fully restored. I played it on my big screen at home recently, and it was like you could just walk into the screen and step onto a chariot and ride through the desert. It’s pretty amazing.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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