‘The Sinner’ – Why Jessica Biel misses about being in the cast

Actress stays behind the camera in Season 4

Jessica Biel, executive producer of ‘The Sinner’ Wednesday on USA Network

Q: Do you miss acting in this? Or are you fine with just producing?

A:  I get a little jealous sometimes when I see the cast all together and everybody’s on set together, and Derek is working with everybody, and I’m not getting to do all the, you know, crazy, wild creative stuff that we got to do in Season 1. And I’m sure that this wonderful cast got to do, too. So yes, I do miss it sometimes. We always kind of throw around that idea, like “Does Cora ever come back?” Who knows? We always kind of like to imagine a world where that could be possible. But yeah, sometimes it’s hard. It’s hard not to be on the playground with everybody else.

Q: Has working in this crime space changed the way you navigate life in the real world at all? Do you feel like you’re looking over your shoulder, kind of like not really trusting people?

A: That’s a really good question. Because I feel like I go through my entire life looking for, you know, something to happen, you know.  Because so many wild things have happened on screen, and we’ve stepped — I’ve stepped into so many interesting people’s shoes, and so much interesting psychology. I’m one of those crazy people that would, like, chase the ambulance and go after the tornado and, like, do all that crazy stuff, so I’m kind of always hoping for something interesting to happen in real life. And yes, kind of — I will fall into the vibe of my own show and want to look behind my back. I’m scared of the dark and think there are things out there. I’m just a very emotional person and can totally get overtaken by my own work, in a good way, I think, that isn’t too crazy.

George Dickie

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