‘The Rook’ – Greenwell takes the lead

Emma Greenwell recalls her ‘Shameless’ years

Emma Greenwell of “The Rook” Sunday on Starz

Q: Did you find yourself having to breathe out Myfanwy at the end of shooting Season 1 of “The Rook”?

A: Yeah. Oh yeah. I mean, this is my first lead role on a television show and I don’t think you could really prepare for it because I had done supporting roles and you know, I worked maybe three or four days a week, a couple of scenes here. And to go and do sort of the opposite of that, it was almost like shooting an independent film but for six months. It was really intense, very different shooting in America and England as well. I’d only ever really shot in the U.S., so very different (laughs).

Q: Not like shooting “Shameless,” where you were a part of an ensemble and not the lead.

A: I had an easy ride there. That’s what I was saying. I’d come in for like two or three days a week and it was easy.

Q: And a very friendly set to work on.

A: Oh my gosh, yeah. It’s like a big family. It’s great. I’m still in contact with a lot of those guys. And who knows? More seasons. They wouldn’t kill me.

Q: Mandy just sort of faded out.

A: Yeah. There was a discussion to like keep the character there and I had sort of felt that I wanted to …

Q: You wanted to do something else?

A: Yeah. You know, I loved the show and at that point, my contract was up and I was just like, “I think that I’m happy to stay on in the capacity you need me to but not as a series regular because I would to go and explore other things.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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