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Kristian Alfonso

Q: Why did Kristian Alfonso decide to leave “Days of Our Lives” after such a long run on the show? — Jan Merritt, East Liverpool, Ohio

A: Reportedly, a big factor in the actress’ exit from the NBC daytime fixture was a plan to have her and her character Hope written off the show for several months, to set up her return with a new story line. Alfonso clearly wasn’t pleased about that, and she announced her departure from the program by saying that she was ready to “write a new chapter” in her career.

Though she’s technically done with her work on “Days” now, her last episode has yet to air, since the drama is recorded months in advance. Though other weekday serials resorted to running repeats of “classic” episodes to fill their schedules through the summer, “Days” never had to resort to that since it had so many new installments already taped.

Chadwick Boseman of “Black Panther”

Q: It’s been nice to see movies on the broadcast networks again lately, as with “Black Panther” and “The King’s Speech.” Will there be more of those? — Heather Wright, via e-mail

A: We certainly wouldn’t rule it out as those networks endeavor to program a fall season without most of their regular fare ready, due to pandemic-caused production delays. Should they have unexpected schedule openings that they need to fill, movies surely offer an easy way to do that, as CBS demonstrated last May by using Sundays to air such popular films from corporate cousin Paramount Pictures as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Titanic.” That network will do that again on Sundays in October and November with titles including “Clueless,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Coming to America.”

For ABC, the “Black Panther” case last month was a sadly special one. Though it had been shown on basic cable previously, that Marvel blockbuster’s commercial-free broadcast debut was scheduled hastily during the weekend of the death of title star Chadwick Boseman. Under other circumstances, the network surely would have liked to have more time to promote the film, but it still ended up scoring substantial ratings for that telecast (along with an ABC News-produced, Robin Roberts-hosted special about Boseman’s life and career that followed the movie).

Q: I’ve been enjoying “Live Rescue,” and I am looking forward to the new season of “Live PD” When will it start? — Myrna Armstrong, Sacramento, Calif.

A: As of the time of this writing, it won’t. Despite the show’s success, A&E Network canceled it in June as public protests against police were growing. Series host Dan Abrams hasn’t stopped lobbying for that decision to be reconsidered though, making social media posts that have included tips from viewers of the show that eventually helped to solve crimes.

A&E — which reportedly decided to remove “Live PD” after Paramount Network pulled genre staple “Cops” from its schedule — has said that it hopes to do programming again that reflects cooperation between police departments and their communities.

Q: I know that after “Supernatural” ends, Jared Padalecki will star in a remake of “Walker, Texas Ranger.” What will Jensen Ackles do? — Josh Paul, Flagler Beach, Fla.

A: He already has his next gig lined up, too. He’ll be joining Amazon’s superhero show “The Boys” for its third season, playing Soldier Boy, a military veteran (just as his name infers) — and the job will reunite him with one of the prime forces behind “Supernatural,” executive producer Eric Kripke. It’s anyone’s guess as to when Season 3 will be filmed much less streamed, with safe work conditions in current times dictating when production can start.

Q: It seems like David Muir has been off “ABC World News” a lot lately. Why? — Mark Vincent, via e-mail

A: He likely was using vacation time while he could, before the beginning of the regular television season — when ratings still count a lot, even in these pandemic-challenged times, and network executives want their main anchors in place. Muir’s principal fill-in, weekend “ABC World News” anchor Tom Llamas, was in the seat many weeknights in late summer … and he himself got some weekend relief from such substitutes as Linsey Davis, one of his main colleagues on the ABC News Live streaming service, and Cecilia Vega.

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