The ‘Prison Break’ revival means lots of deja vu for Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Q: What has the ongoing impact of being in “Prison Break” been for you?

A: I will say that when people stop me to talk about work I’ve been in, two out of three times, it’s probably “Prison Break” … which is remarkable given that, you know, “The Walking Dead” is still on the air. This is a show that seems to have a longevity in people’s imagination, and when they talk to me about it, it really means something to them.

There’s the economics of it all, which are important, and we all work for people who are trying to make money. But I think, from a lot of our perspectives, it’s a real honor to have people approach you with that kind of a thing and kind of give you that piece of who they are and want to share that with you. So to return to that, and try and take care of it, I think that’s probably a big motivation on our end (to do the current continuation).

Q: What has the comfort level been like in reuniting with so many other original “Prison Break” stars?

A: One of the challenges at the beginning of a new project is trying to figure out the relationships you have with all the characters, what your history is, so that there’s some authenticity there. There’s a lot of history here. When we started this … I mean, marriages, children, coming out, politics changing, we’ve moved (on). Everybody’s life, I think, is monumentally different. And in some form, we’ve seen that through together.

I think that brings a texture and an immediacy to those relationships that I guess some actors can fake. I, apparently, am not good enough to be one of them. There was something about doing these scenes – I mean, my very first scene was with Dom (Dominic Purcell), and there’s just a decade there. And that’s kind of irreplaceable.

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