‘The Order’ – Tronco on playing a flawed character

‘The Order’ – Tronco on playing a flawed character

Louriza Tronco of ‘The Order’ on Netflix

Q: How much fun is your character Gabrielle to play?

A: She definitely is. She’s great. She’s like multidimensional, which I find really fun to play as an actor because the writing for Gabrielle is such a gift. You know, she tends to surprise the audience as much as she surprises herself (laughs) so that’s just a gift for me as an actor.

Q: How do you approach the character that can be quite duplicitous at times?

A: She’s flawed but I think if I’m able to approach a character understanding that they are flawed just as humans are flawed, I think there might be some like more creative room to bring to the table if I approach it that way rather than playing her one-dimensional because then no one will understand her, nobody would want to listen to her. So yeah, I try to approach every character through some empathy.

Q: Because if you can’t find some common ground with the character, then you can’t play it, correct?

A: Yeah, exactly. I feel like an audience can tell if you don’t like the character you’re playing yourself and I didn’t want to do that with Gabrielle. When I first read for the audition and the (script), I knew that she was definitely flawed but I knew that she was smarter than she was letting people know and that’s what really, really drew me to her. Her wits and her determination are what I really like about her.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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