‘The Oath’ – Filming in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

Kwanten lauds the Puerto Rican spirit

Ryan Kwanten of ‘The Oath’ on Sony Crackle

Q: When did you finish filming Season 2 of “The Oath” in Puerto Rico?

A: We finished end of July of last year. We sort of squeezed it in, I say, sort of in between the hurricane periods but obviously we got it done. In the first season, there was both Irma and Maria that sort of shut us down but we went back even after Maria, obviously sort of four or five weeks after. But it’s still a wonderful place to shoot. I don’t know if you’ve ever been down there but Puerto Rico, they’re such a vivacious, spirited people, the Puerto Ricans.

Q: Were you there for either of the storms?

A: No, one of the castmates had his family there for Irma. But no, we very luckily sort of got flights out in the … days before. But yeah, that’s sort of what bonded the series in a brutal but kind of beautiful way in the fact that we were so worried about our crew because it really was such a tough shoot. … There were at least a couple of weeks with no kind of communication from them, and I know it took six, seven, eight months before a lot of these places got electricity back.

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Q: How long did that set the filming schedule back?

A: For the first season, it bumped us back probably another four or five weeks longer than what they’d planned.

Q: And that was because there was no electricity?

A: Yeah. For the most part, film crews would run on generators, but it was more just having the resources on the ground. You know, just making sure and not wanting to go back until the people were kind of somewhat ready. I mean, a little bit of the saving grace was that I felt like it gave them a little bit of a sense of purpose when we came back. It was like some money in their pockets, which in those trying times was extremely necessary, but also it gave them a little bit of an escape from that kind of hell that they were living in.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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