‘The Nest’ – Working with a firecracker on set

Compston drives his Bentley to ‘The Nest’

Martin Compston of ‘The Nest’ on Acorn TV

Q: In “The Nest,” you play a wealthy Scottish entrepreneur who is suspicious of the surrogate mother hired by you and your wife. How was it doing scenes opposite the actress who plays the surrogate, Mirren Mack?

A: Kaya’s such a fascinating character and young Mirren Mack, I think she’s just a little superstar in the making. She’s just very wise beyond her years. I’m only 36 but I’ve been doing this job nearly 20 years now and in some ways you get a bit cynical or just sort of set in your ways. And when you get this sort of young firecracker coming on, just a ball of enthusiasm, it can’t help but rub off on you and just make you smile. … So it was really fun watching her just sort of revel in her time and I think that sort of enthusiasm kind of rubbed off on everyone.

Q: How did you like driving around western Scotland in your character’s Bentley?

A: I got plenty of driving and it was an automatic. I mean, I know (they’re popular) here in the states. You guys love the automatics. For us, that’s maybe cheating, it’s easy driving. You know, you just put the foot down and steer. So I got some lovely drives on the Clyde coast and in and around Glasgow.

But it’s a lot of fun when you have these moments in your life. You know, I was a young kid running about Glasgow and going to the cinema with my pals when I’m 14, 15 and now to be kind of driving about in a TV show in this kind of cool car, you kind of have to grasp onto those moments when you can.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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