‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ – Why Caroline Aaron gets her info from the costume people

Aaron embraces her ‘authentic’ character

Q: How is it working opposite your TV husband, Kevin Pollak?

A: He is just so wonderful. I’ve worked with Kevin before and so we already knew each other. Because I think I was having costume fittings for the first season and I said, “Who’s playing my husband?” to the costume designer. Because you know how when you go to a hospital, you should just ask the nurses about the doctors? Same thing is true when you’re working on television. Just ask the costume people and you’ll get all your inside info. And they said, “Well, it’s not confirmed yet but it’s going to be Kevin Pollak.” And I was so excited. He’s really fun and also he’s incredibly knowledgeable about this world. This is his world so he’s been a real source for me to learn from.

Q: What is the funnest part of playing Ian?

A: That she’s authentic, she’s just completely authentic, that she has no boundaries, which I love. Because she’s like a fantasy person for me in terms of my own son. I could never treat him the way I treat Joel. But would I like to? Of course, I’d like to keep him in his little boy’s roodm and next to me for his whole life but that’s really unacceptable (laughs). But for Shirley it seems fine and I love that about her.

I love it that in very subtle ways, she is a feminist herself. She’s involved in the family business, she knows about the family money. She helps at work. She doesn’t play cards and stay home all the time. She is as integral a part of the architecture of her family as Moishe (Kevin Pollak’s character) is.

George Dickie

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