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Carla Gugino

Q: Why weren’t the final episodes of “Manhunt: Deadly Games” shown? Will they be? — Joanne Gage, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: This gets a little complicated. After circumstances moved a couple of weekend NFL games onto CBS’ Monday schedule, the network decided to ship “Manhunt” — which included Carla Gugino and Judith Light among it stars — off from that night to Saturday, which has become a repository for repeats and for series that haven’t been doing especially well in the ratings.

On the Saturday when the last two “Manhunt” episodes were slated to air, major political developments prompted CBS to preempt the show in the Eastern half of the country. However, that wasn’t the case in the West, since the election coverage was shown live … so that part of the country still did get the “Manhunt” finale. If you subscribe to the Spectrum cable system (which initially ran “Manhunt” as one of its series “Originals,” before CBS picked it up), the good news is that it still can be watched there On Demand until the start of February.

Annie Ilonzeh

Q: I’m glad to see “Chicago Fire” back, but what happened to Brett’s partner? — Don Raines, via e-mail

A: Annie Ilonzeh has left the NBC series after a couple of seasons, so her paramedic character Emily Foster was written out by sending her back to medical school to pursue her dream becoming a doctor. And you never know … with the way the “Chicago” franchise’s players move between the shows, she could turn up on “Chicago Med” eventually.

For the moment, though, the actress’ eye appears to be on feature-film work. She recently completed a movie titled “Don’t Fear” for a planned 2021 release; that will follow such other big-screen projects she’s done as the Jennifer Garner revenge drama “Peppermint” and the Tupac Shakur biography “All Eyez on Me.”

Q: When will Stabler be seen on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” again? — Stacy Wright, Providence, R.I.

A: That’s hard to say at this point. The plan remains for Christopher Meloni to turn up again on the NBC series, but that’s meant to be coordinated with the launch of “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” the new franchise addition that will showcase Stabler — and that has been delayed, partially by a change in producers and partially by the overall complexity of getting a new show rolling in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Stabler-centric project is supposed to reach TV screens sometime in 2021, and schedules permitting, Meloni should be reunited with Mariska Hargitay on “SVU” around the same time. As they say in the biz, stay tuned.

Q: It was great to see a marathon of “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” on Decades recently. When those were made, who was the first person “roasted,” and who was the last? – Gregory Duke, via e-mail

A: A revised version of what had been Martin’s weekly NBC variety series, the “Roast” began as a stand-alone program in 1974 (after having been a segment of “The Dean Martin Show” that started with “roastee” Johnny Carson in 1973) by honoring someone who also was a staple of the network at the time, Bob Hope. A decade later, the franchise ended with a celebration of Michael Landon (actually the second one for him, since he also had been “roasted” in 1975).

It should be noted that there was a period of several years when no “Roasts” were televised, partially because the specials had relocated to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which had to be repaired and restored after a major fire there in 1980. However, 1984 brought to an end the decade-long contract that NBC and Martin had agreed upon for the specials.

Q: Will the Jim Carrey “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” movie be on TV this holiday season? — Ron Barker, Norman, Okla.

A: That’s a “yes.” NBC has shown it around this time in recent years, and that’s the case again. Following the network’s telecast of a Matthew Morrison-starring stage-musical “Grinch” on Wednesday, Dec. 9, the Ron Howard-directed 2000 movie with Carrey in the title role will air there on Christmas itself. That night also will bring an NBC repeat of the animated version of the Dr. Seuss tale.

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