‘The Kominsky Method’ – Jane Seymour goes gray

How Jane Seymour landed on ‘The Kominsky Method’

Q: What attracted you to playing Madelyn, the long-ago love interest of Alan Arkin’s Norman on “The Kominsky Method”?

A: Well, I’m a huge Chuck Lorre fan. But they called my agent and said that they wanted me to play either Michael Douglas’ ex-wife or a romantic interest for Alan Arkin. So I had a meeting with Chuck for well over an hour just talking about everything, life in general and all kinds of stuff. And of course, I hadn’t read anything because nothing had really been written at that point. And he said, “No, I think you should play Madelyn.”

And so I came in originally just for the two episodes and Alan and I really hit it off and Chuck loved what he was seeing so it became five episodes out of the eight, which was thrilling. And it was a wonderful character and there’s so much material, really, when you have people of a certain age because they’ve got a lot of baggage (laughs). And I think that’s what’s so exciting about it.

Q: You wear a gray wig for this role, which does make you not immediately recognizable.

A: Yeah, but I think it is the perfect look for the character. And I think Chuck, when he first met me, said, “You maybe look too young to be with Alan.” But I said, “Trust me, with the gray wig and lights in the right direction or the wrong direction, I will definitely age up. Don’t worry about it.” (laughs)

George Dickie

George Dickie

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