‘The Hot Zone’ – Julianna Margulies keeps it clean

Striking down the 10-second rule

Julianna Margulies of ‘The Hot Zone’ Monday on National Geographic

Q: In the premiere of “The Hot Zone,” your character Nancy Jaax puts a new recruit through the very precise steps of biohazard training. How sobering was doing that scene for you?

A: That’s one of my favorite scenes because … you get to see it from a layman’s perspective what it is these people do because I don’t understand what a biohazard level four lab is. I don’t understand the severity of any of it or the cautions you have to take or all the steps you have to go through before you even get inside. So I thought that was so well done when I read it on the page because it invited me into this world I don’t have an inkling about, and it’s frightening.

Q: Did doing the series cause you to alter your own hygiene habits?

A: Sadly, yes (laughs). I never was like that. I have become one of those people that carries hand sanitizer in my bag at all times, even when I’m out for the evening. … I have become very aware of how many times a day I touch my face and I have tried to stop doing that, which of course during pollen season is almost impossible.

And also just watching people. You know, I’m a New Yorker, I ride the subway, and there’s these great moments in the script where you see through the lens of the camera, it just goes from someone taking a sip of water to someone touching a banister to someone touching their face to then someone touching their child to someone going to a water fountain. That’s my daily life now. …

And also there’s the flip side, which I grew up with a mother who said, “Germs are good for you. It builds your immune system.” And I do believe that, too. So yeah, you want to strike a happy balance. I was one of those moms who if the food fell on the floor I’d say, “Oh honey, it’s the 10-second rule. It’s fine, eat it. It’ll build up your immune system.” Now when my kids – a book falls on the floor in the subway, I’m like, “Hold on! Let me wipe it off” (laughs).

George Dickie

George Dickie

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